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Who Are We?

We’re the Reed’s..
We believe, it’s super important for you to know who you’re buying from. 

We’re the Reed’s.   Jono, Hank, Greta, Alba and I farm with Jono’s parents, Graham and Ann at The Grampians, Culverden, New Zealand. 
Hank is eight, Greta is six and Alba is three.  Their wild country kids, who keep us on their toes.  They all have different interests but love living on the farm.  Jono works on the farm every day, alongside his dad and our worker Benji.  It’s a team effort, that’s for sure. 

On our farm we have Merino sheep and Angus cattle.  Jono has a passion for cattle, and this has resulted in him producing his own stud, where we sell around 50 bulls every June at our annual bull sale.  Grampians Angus is Jono’s baby; he lives and breathes his bulls.  Jono’s Dad Graham has always had a passion for Merino’s.  It has been a blessing and has helped The Grumpy Merino being successful.  I am thankful for the experience and our Flock.  They produce a range of different beautiful fleece, which gives us the ability to select which line of wool we can use for our range, which wool is sent to contract, and which is sent to market.  Jono’s sister Penny and brother-in-law Jimmy breed the ram’s that we buy.  This is another special element to our farming operation.  @glenallenmerinos on Facebook. 

The Grampians is a beautiful farm.  We have a range of irrigated flats, rolling hill country and river terraces.  We have a river which runs not far from the house.  It’s a something the kids love swimming in and taking the ponies down for a ride. Hank, Greta and Alba all have ponies.  The kids are super lucky, but it’s something that we love.  We don’t have motorbikes or side by sides, except for Hank’s wee 80. We only use ute’s, horses and our own feet on the farm.  This is due to the environment, but also, Jono loves the traditional aspect of farming on horseback.  It gives you time to reflect, it’s calm for the stock and great skill to have. 

Alba, Hank & Greta at shearing
Lot 7/61 – PGP21S071 an example of a bull available this year.

We’re also lucky that Jono and Graham do the ponies feet and breaks horses.  Each year Jono breaks a couple of young horses in.  It’s another special skill he has.  He’s calm and the young horses respond well to this.

We also have four chooks for eggs, two little dogs; Betsey and Jed and a black cat called Rockie.  Hank has a Charolais calf and a pet merino Lamb.  My parents have a Charolais stud.  Hank’s love has got his Poppa very excited but it’s a point of contention for his Dad.  It’s a funny joke we have a home (due to Jono’s love and passion for Angus cattle). 

Hank plays rugby for Hurunui and Jono coaches his team, along with other Dad’s in the community.  It’s a real highlight on a Saturday morning in the winter!  We’re lucky to have swimming lessons in Culverden.  Kara has a lovely warm pool and the kids all swim once a week.  

Each day is different on the farm.  Between the kids, the farm and The Grumpy Merino we have plenty of diversity.  The calendar is full.  I’m often late, and often forget swimming.   Mum life eh! 

We hope you’re having a lovely week.  Jono is home tonight; he’s been chasing bulls in the North Island. It’s a super busy time of year. Our annual bull sale is in June and bull walk is the end of May. This year we’re selling 61 Angus bulls. They’re the elites of their mob, which begun with around 130 animals. Over time, they are culled for different objectives like; structural soundness, docility (temperament) and fertility.

Sending love and woolly love to you all on this first cold snap for 2023,

Sarah X 

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Photo & Genetic References

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