Our Values

Welcome to The Grumpy Merino,

We are the land owner, the farmer and the owner of the Flock. We now own The Grumpy Merino and value following each stage of production.

We aim to produce a line from the highest quality Merino fleece, which ensures traceability to our farm, our sheep, our wool. We can select the fleece which is most suitable, to ensure the most desirable range.

We understand the importance and privilege of producing a range within New Zealand. We want to support New Zealand businesses and the New Zealand Wool Industry. In doing so, we believe, we achieved our goal of producing a Grumpy Merino range which is traceable, exclusive, natural and desirable.

We farm ethically and endorse the ‘Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare’. We are focused on producing a sustainable product, meaning it will continue to renew, if we look after our environment and the Ewe’s. We have considered sustainable farming within our business practises as well as our farming practices. For example, we wanted to design packaging which was considerate of the environment. We have produced a branded blanket bag which will not only be easier to post, but is reusable. We have recently adopted postage boxes, which can be recycled or given to your worm farm. We email generated newsletters to limit the amount of paper being consumed in packages.

Wool is a naturally grown resource. It requires less washing than other synthetic textiles, therefore less energy used and less microplastics into our environment. Furthermore, when your garment or homeware is no longer fit for purpose or unable to be handed down to another, it can returned to the environment for the natural biodegradable process. Wool on it’s own right is a wonder fibre. You can read all about this in our “why choose wool” section of our website.

The Grumpy Merino has given our farming operation diversity, meaning it gives us all a place in our farming business. It also allows us the opportunity to follow the entire process, which often is unavailable for the farmer. Often, we load the truck to market and we do not have ability to follow the stock to their new homes. Our new strategy, removes that and grants us the privilege to relish our hard work.

We are lucky to have rich family history behind our two businesses. Jono’s parents, Graham and Ann have farmed The Grampians for many years. They worked immensely hard on both the cattle and the sheep, farming in times which weren’t always easy. However, this dedication has paved a way for us and proved an excellent foundation for Grampians Angus and The Grumpy Merino. Graham and Ann are still farming with us, are actively involved and close by. Hank, Greta and Alba adore them both and we love seeing them regularly.

We buy our Merino rams from Jono’s sister Penny and husband Jimmy, at Glenallen Merino’s, Waikari, North Canterbury. It’s super special to have this level of family history behind our small business. Jimmy is equally passionate about his sheep and enjoys the challenge of breeding rams. Jimmy has sourced genetics from Australia, which is proving another success for their business. Jimmy and Penny have three children; Will, Fergus and Bridie who are similar aged to our children. They are very much the favourites!

We believe we are approachable and transparent. We want to promote farming in a positive way, that encourages others to participate in the industry or educate those who may not understand farming practices. Please follow @thegrumpymerino on social media for regular updates here and read our ‘Follow The Flock’ on our website.

I wonder what is going to evolve? Well, we have many dreams which we want to try, but you’ll have to follow along with us, to see…

Enjoy, TGM Team xx