Our Values

Welcome to The Grumpy Merino,

We are the land owner, the farmer and the owner of the Flock. We now own The Grumpy Merino and value following every step of the process.

We aim to produce a range from the highest quality Merino, Hogget Fleece; which is completely traceable to our farm, our sheep, our wool. This means, we have selected the finest line of fleece available to be produced into either a blanket, throw or knitting yarn.

We understand the importance of producing a range within New Zealand. We made the decision early, to ensure we would achieve this. We wanted to support New Zealand businesses, circular economy and the New Zealand Wool Industry. In doing so, we believe, we have achieved our goal of producing and developing a Grumpy Merino range which is traceable, exclusive, natural and desirable.

We farm ethically and endorse the ‘Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare’. We are focused on producing a sustainable product not only through our farming practices, but also in our business model. For example, we wanted to design packaging which was considerate of the environment. We have produced a branded blanket bag which will not only be easier to post, but is reusable to store your blanket in and it could be used within the home. We know our wool is traceable to our farm and is a naturally grown resource. It requires less washing than other synthetic textiles, therefore less energy used and less microplastics into our environment. Furthermore, when your garment or homeware is no longer fit for purpose or able to be handed down to another, it can returned to the environment for the natural biodegradable process.

We are extremely proud of our Grumpy Merino range. It has given our farming operation diversity, which we hope will support our children in their futures but also it allows us to follow the entire process through; From the birth of the lamb to shearing as a hogget, therefore, birth to blanket. Before the cycle begins again.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquires,

Enjoy, TGM Team xx