The Story of the Grumpy Merino

A family owned and operated business in Culverden, North Canterbury. The Grampians has been in Jono’s family since 1973. Jono is the third generation to farm the property, with Hank, Greta & Alba being the fourth.

The Hogget fleece is sent to Timaru for scouring then transported to either Wild Earth Yarns in Christchurch to become natural, undyed yarn or to Wool Yarns in Wellington to be spun. When this is complete, the spun hogget fleece is transported to Interweave in Auckland to become a blanket or throw. Before it’s sent home to The Grampians to begin it’s journey to your home. .
We wanted to develop a product which was 100% traceable to our wool but was also designed, developed and produced in New Zealand. While the boarders were shut, it made us rethink how our business could evolve. It was only sensible to try produce products in New Zealand. This allowed us to develop new relationships with businesses within our country and work with plenty more passionate wool lovers in New Zealand. With the guidance from Peter McCusker and Palle Paterson of PGG Wrightson Wool and Bloch & Behrens Wool (NZ), our new project evolved! The Grumpy Merino – blankets, throws & yarn was launched.
Finally, I’m Sarah. I designed and developed The Grumpy Merino. In May 2020 a nurse by trade, this became increasingly difficult with the children, the farm and living rurally. I’m inspired that our wool, which is grown from our sheep, at The Grampians, can be identified to a specific piece of a wool garment or home wear. Products which are traceable, natural and sustainable. I lost my Grandmother in June 2019. She was passionate about wool blankets and throws, subsequently I inherited one of her woollen throws which is now used in multiple different places in our home. Our yarn is something we thought of as we were progressing through this new journey. Grandma had a merino blanket knitted for our children, when they were babies. It was warm, yet super soft.
A piece, we will be able to give to our grandchildren, another personal inspirational story which contributed to our new story.

Life is super busy; three kids, a farm, Grampians Angus and now The Grumpy Merino! I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries.  


TGM Team xx